Let us handcraft a board especially for the waves YOU ride – and the way you ride them.  Our designs range from high performance short boards, twinzer fishes, and fun boards, up to long board nose-riders and SUP’s. All designs are available in polyester or epoxy. Tests the boards that were made in Rhode Island, but have been tested around the world.

Dave Levy Hard At Work

Dave Levy Hard At Work


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  1. Hello, I recently came across your surfboards at a local surf shop. However, the staff was unknowledgeable about the type of board and the dimensions they are. The board was called a groveler and they had a 5‘10“ board as well as a 6 foot board. I am 5 foot five, 160 pounds. I’m looking to upgrade from the foam surfboards that I am surfing. I live on the East Coast and primarily surf in small to medium waves. I’m looking to use this board in order to gain a little more speed on the bigger days in Rhode Island surf. Can you tell me if the boards mentioned above would be a good fit for me, or if I should choose something different. Also, there wasn’t any prices on these boards, what would be a normal retail on them?
    Thanks, Chris
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    • Chris,Thanks for contacting me. what shop were you at?
      I only have some short-boards in westerly. So If it is the boards there let me know.
      I”ll tell you about those.
      There is a 5’8” Pug there that will float someone your size. It is fine in knee to overhead surf. The drawback is it has low rocker and it is harder to make step take offs . The plus is it catches waves easier and is faster down the line, also goes up the face well.
      The other board was a 6′ fish. That has more rocker and is a great all round board till it gets REAL big. That fish is my best selling board over the years.
      It boils down to your ability and if you can step down to a shorter board. Depends on long the softy is and what you are use to.
      Those boards work great in most conditions we get till it gets real big hurricane surf.
      If you would like to talk call me @ 401-942-0002. I can make you anything you want. I do have a few more here.
      Thanks again,
      Levy Surf Designs

  2. Hey LSD,
    My name is Matt I’m from Narragansett and I’m a college student out of state so most of my surfing in RI is during the summer. I am at the level of moving into finding either a short board or fish that would float me well. I’m 5’11’’ and 160lbs. I previously had a 6’ shortboard with dimensions of 18 5/8 x 2 3/8 and i could barely float on it I’m guessing because it had low volume. Recently I have been learning the skills of shaping and taking it into hobby. Long story short, if I shape a board would I be able to bring it into you to do the glass job? And if you have any recommendations on dimensions for a shortboard or fish for my size that would be great!

    • I can glass it . You are better off with a fish for a everyday rider and a something longer and alittle narrower when it gets real big.
      6′ x 21 1/2 x 2 5/8 is what I do for a fish.
      If you want to contact me 401-942-0002.
      I usually don’t see this too much from the the website .

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